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About The Papillon Hotel

Bhola is the only deltaic island in Bangladesh. A land of boundless natural beauty. Bhola is unique due to its unique combination of rivers and greenery, rich socio-cultural heritage, non-communal coexistence of people of different religions and castes and different characteristics of nature. Bhola is a unique district for the natural beauty of the river Kaltan. The hustle and bustle of city life sometimes requires a little break. Which is a lot of life-giving benefits for the tired body. As a result, Rani Bhola district of the island can be visited to get some relief from this complicated rules and busyness of mechanical life. And during your stay in Bhola we have with you the most popular quality hotel Papillon in Bhola to give you the most enjoyable and wonderful travel experience. Sincere hospitality with all our modern and unique services will give you the best travel experience, not even for a moment you feel like you are hundreds of kilometers away from home! Dear guests, Hotel Papillon is offering a great 25% discount on all our rooms to further enhance your enjoyment of Bhola! And with it we have all the great value added services as always, absolutely free! Hotel Papillon is a proven and trusted organization for hospitality, sincerity and customer service. And so book your room now with this awesome 25% discount to get the lowest cost travel experience, call 049162310, 01711-375621 at this number! Or contact Messenger.

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The Papillon Hotel in Bhola is your new luxury getaway into a beautiful island city right at the estuary of the river Meghna and Tetulia. Ideal for showcasing product details in a vibrant but elegant fashion.

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